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MTB WNC's Trailheads are hubs, or areas, where several trails are clustered together or in a network. More than Wikipedia's definition of a Trailhead as "the point at which a trail starts", a Trailhead here could be a campground, a convenient parking area where several trails start, a river basin, an isolated park, or simply a group of trails convenient to one another. The US Forest Service has been referring to these as Trail Complexes in its recent Trail Strategy process.

Historically, cities located near the starting point for major paths were also called Trailheads. For this site, a Trailhead can be any of these, but represents a place where you can spend a day or more exploring mountain biking trails without driving too far (or at all!).

Turkey Knob Road trail extension in DuPont State Forest
Turkey Knob Road trail extension in DuPont State Forest
Avery Creek trail and stream.
Avery Creek trail and stream.
Taking a break at SABA Beach

Federal Lands

State Lands

City/County Lands

Private Lands

  • Sugar Mountain
  • Beech Mountain
  • Bailey Mountain


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