Mountain Biking South Mountains State Park

Mountain biking in the South Mountains State Park is done almost entirely on gravel roads, but ones that have deteriorated into extremely rocky doubletrack with rather challenging high-speed descents. These rocky roads offer fun climbs and descents, great views, jumps, and great speeds. The "official" loop is 18 miles in length with the first 6 being a gut-busting, leg burner of a climb. There are over 14 miles of gravel/forest roads on the loop, and the rest is smooth pavement. There is ample parking at the park and trail maps are available for free. Also included is your standard issue beautiful mountain stream, complete with 80 foot High Shoals Falls, to enjoy as and after you ride. The South Mountains area is convenient to the Charlotte area, being a little over an hour away. There are no true singletrack trails in this park open to bikes.

Thanks to Lance Anderson for the information on this page...

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