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Ad Examples, Formats, and Pricing

Thanks for your interest in advertising on! This page lists features of our ad packages, and shows examples of ad placements and sizes along with pricing. On a regular page, this area would be used for page content.

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What You Get When Advertising on

Targeted Audience
Our visitors will need not only trail information, but information about places to do business when they get here. Why not make your place of business one of the things they see while planning a trip using
Eye-Catching Banner Ad
We can run static images, animated GIF's, and animated flash ads for all ad slots. You may supply the ad, or we can design it for you for an additional hourly fee (see below).
Ad Manager
View statistics on impressions (views), clicks, etc. with optional automated reports.
Existing Customers: Log In to the Ad Manager.
Text Listing
A permanent link to your site and Text Listing are included free with any Banner Ad. You'll get a one-paragraph entry on any directory pages relevant to your business.
All pages for Whole Site ads. One page of your choice for Page Sponsorship ads.
Page Sponsorship: One advertiers per slot. Your ad will always be displayed on the page you're sponsoring.
Whole Site (all slots except Square Button): No more than 3 advertisers per slot. Impressions will equal approximately 33% of total site pageviews. Unsold inventory will be filled by various affiliate ad networks (e.g. Google AdSense). The Square Button slot is shared between all Whole Site Dual Format advertisers. Pageviews vary by season and number of clicks or impressions are not guaranteed.
Payment Options
Credit Card:
Through PayPal. You may either pre-pay or choose a monthly recurring subscription.
Solution Graphics

We can also accept payment by check. Please contact us if you would like to pay by check.

In addition to all of this, I receive dozens of e-mails from people asking for more information: where to stay, what to do that's near the trails, where to buy a book, where to get a bite to eat, etc. I also receve emails asking if I can make paid recommendations for particular businesses. While I don't accept payments for recommendations, the reality is I simply don't always know all of what's available in the area people are inquiring about. But if I'm doing business with you myself, it'll be easier for me to remember to make a personal recommendation in your direction. (All recommendations for sponsors are noted as such in emails with site visitors).

Other Information

Text listings without purchasing banner ads are also available to relavent, local businesses such as places of lodging, campgrounds, bike shops, outfitters, or other outdoor-related places of business with a storefront. Listing is subject to approval and accepted at the sole discretion of Please contact us to request a listing.

Graphic Design:
We recommend that advertisers supply their own ads, but we can design your ads if you wish for an additional hourly fee of $25.00, billed in 1/2 hour increments. You will have the opportunity to supply graphics, text, slogans, design specifications, and review and approve your ad before we send it live.

Thank you for considering advertising on!